Infill homes are an opportunity to build a custom luxury home in an established community. And the result is a transformation of inner city communities through innovative architecture and modern styles. 

The reasons infills are becoming popular are that they are in inner city communities – so the homes are closer to work, entertainment and Calgary’s top parks.   

If you’re considering a new inner city home, the choice isn’t always clear – do you choose to build an infill or renovate? The good news is that Calgary is a city of opportunity, so deciding to build or buy a Calgary home often comes down to how much customization you prefer and your timeline. 

Here is some common questions we get about infill homes in Calgary. If your question isn’t answered, send us a message and we’ll send you the information right away!

Infill basics and definitions

An infill is a type of development on a lot that was previously something else. The most common scenario in Calgary is the redevelopment of a single-family home into a newer home (or sometimes multiple homes). The term “infill” often is used to also refer to new houses.

Many Calgary infill developments are for single-family homes, and there are also many multi-family infills that turn a lot made for one property into an efficient lot for two or more properties.

There are two major types of multi-family infills: duplexes or semi-attached. Duplexes are considered one building but with two or more separate living areas, and semi-attached infills are considered two or more units that share a wall.

Best communities for infill homes

The best communities for infill homes in Calgary depend on the City’s zoning. Here’s a quick primer on Calgary’s zoning:

  • R1 and RC1: It is mostly single detached houses
  • R2 and RC2: Single detached homes may have a secondary suite and duplexes/semi-detached houses are allowed.

For more information, consult the City of Calgary’s resources on residential zoning.

Most of MINO’s infill projects are in communities in SW Calgary. These communities – such as Killarney and Marda Loop – offer a unique balance between downtown and the suburbs. 

If you are considering an inner city home, we will make it easy to find the perfect lot. Since we already know the zoning rules and top picks for communities, we will find you a lot that suits the style, location and purpose of your future home. This all starts with a free consultation – contact us and we’ll discuss your goals and the options that are available.

Download our Calgary infill map to get a quick overview of communities that are great for infills.

From idea to moving – the infill process

The steps to design and build a Calgary infill are to plan, prepare then build.



After a lot is found, next is a site assessment to determine what is possible – according to your budget, your ideas, the site’s layout and any Calgary bylaws.

The MINO team will guide you through all the major decisions, making sure you are confident that your decision will produce the home you are envisioning. We will discuss the size and style of the infill, and whether you prefer attached or semi-attached.

Along the way, we will provide our advice on the custom home plan and any financial insights that can help you get the most out of your home



Architectural drawings are created and we will begin getting the proper permits. The concept plan is reviewed by the city and a final plan is created. This plan is reviewed by Development and Building Approvals before you receive the final building permit.

You will provide your input on the complete home layout and style, and we will translate that into an architectural drawing and layout.



This is the stage that brings your home to life. MINO’s commitment to quality means your home will be crafted with quality materials. We will connect you to the best craftsmen in Calgary and will oversee every step so we can be sure it meets the MINO standard.

How much will an infill home cost?

There are many factors that go into the cost of a infill – from demolition, state of the lot, house style, location and timeline. So the final cost will vary significantly. If you want a better estimate, send us a message and we will discuss more accurate costs for your ideas.

Instead of considering the costs, let’s look at the investment of infill properties. Since infills can make better use of an existing lot, you can build your dream home while creating another one for someone else.

And don’t forget that existing lots are already serviced. Your infill may require some upgraded services, but at least the main cables and pipes are already in place. There are also cost savings for constructing attached custom homes, compared to building two separate homes (especially if the two separate homes are not built at the same time beside each other).

You can also build the custom infill home in communities that are projected to continue to deliver appreciation of property values – ensuring you make the most out of your investment for years to come.

Start your next home

Infill properties are an opportunity to create a dream home in an accessible and convenient location. Best of all, infills are excellent investments considering the communities they are built in and prospects for multi-family properties.

The key is to consider what you want from an infill house and start the planning from there. If you are confident on what you want, we can help you make it happen.

Contact MINO Homes today to start your next infill home!