Let’s Share Your Story.

Your home is a reflection of your family’s character, goals and values – it is the foundation of your story. Because you are different, we treat every project differently.

MiNo’s approach to designing and building homes is centred around the stories of the homeowners that we work with. We are dedicated to making the journey and the results memorable and inspiring. Here is what you can expect from MiNo Homes.

Collaboration and Care


A successful project takes a team. MiNo Homes works with you at every stage of the journey and invite you to provide your vision for the perfect home throughout the process. Once the project is complete, we will make sure the final result has surpassed your hopes. 

Innovative architecture


Every home we create is unique, but they all have one thing in common: they are created with purpose and intention. MiNo’s designers are experts in translating ideas into architectural plans that combine tradition with modern elegance.

Having our first home built was a very exciting and momentous time. We loved the architectural layout and open design. We felt very comfortable with the experienced staff at MiNo Homes.

See the results for yourself

Explore our project gallery for the latest MiNo results.

Build your home. And your equity.

Your home is a reflection of you and your family. We believe building your home is a way to share your story. Here’s our process to make building your custom home an efficient, clear and rewarding journey.


Share your vision

And we will make a blueprint. Our specialty is transforming ideas into a plan for your home, budget and financial future.


You’re the lead designer

It’s your home, after all. Through our collaborative design approach, we will design a livable home that is perfect for the neighbourhood, the lot and your family.


Financing for the future

Your home is an investment. With clear costs, custom financing arrangements and advice from our real estate experts, you can prepare to build your dream home with confidence.


Don’t worry about the details

Permits, purchasing materials, construction, cleanup and inspections – it’ll all just get done. We’ll send you updates on the progress and invite you to visit the site at all major milestones. 


Build for under market value

Create equity in your home before you move in. Leverage our connections to build your home for less than the market value.


Begin your next chapter

The final walk-through will make sure your real estate investment is ready for your family. Settle in with our personal concierge service and we are always just a phone call away.

Quality at every step

With comprehensive quality assurance, personal concierge services and a complete new home warranty, we are committed to quality in every project.

A budget that works for you

Every home is different so MiNo Homes customizes the approach to pricing for every project. The two models we use are:

  1. Fixed Cost Plus Selections
  2. Cost Plus

Each approach has its benefits, so we recommend the best pricing model for your project based on your financial goals. Our strategic financial services guides our recommendations so you can make informed choices and select a budget that works for you.


1. Fixed Cost Plus Selections

This hybrid model balances fixed costs with choice. You don’t need to compromise knowing your budget for no selections. Here is how we come up with this budget:

  1. Create a preliminary budget according to your financial goals.
  2. Review the site, prepare the architectural plans and create a materials list.
  3. Develop a fixed cost for the design, site preparation, construction and materials up to the drywall.
  4. You can select the finishes or accessories according to your preferences and we will purchase the rest of the materials through our preferred vendors and pass on the savings to you.

We have been building homes in the Calgary region for decades and know the expected costs. At every stage of the budgeting process, we will guide your decisions to make sure the project is completed within your budget and the home is constructed as you expected. 

Set costs for the Essentials



To take the guesswork out of your costs, MiNo Homes prepares a fixed budget for the essentials. The fixed costs include:

  1. Design and architecture
  2. Site preparation, excavation and grading
  3. All building materials up to the drywall
  4. All construction and labour

Preferred pricing for your selections



Our fixed costs cover the essentials – from site preparation to drywall. From there, you can select the finishes, accessories and extras that suit your style and budget. 

No matter what you select, purchases can be made with our preferred vendors and the savings will be passed on to you.

2. Cost Plus

By calculating the total costs after the project is complete, cost plus can take advantage of efficiencies or conditions that reduce the cost of design and construction. This model can be ideal for homeowners looking to build a luxury home in a developing community or alongside projects by the same contractors. When the builder has less costs, the price of the home is reduced.

Even though the final cost is determined when the project is finished, we still want to make sure there are no surprises. Our financial experts will come up with an expected range for the final cost and make selections to stay within the budget. Here is how we come up with this budget:

  1. Create a preliminary budget according to your financial goals.
  2. Review the site, prepare the architectural plans and create a materials list.
  3. Develop a range of costs for the design, site preparation, construction and all materials. 
  4. Finish construction and determine the total costs. 

As home builders with decades of experience, we are confident in the budgets that we create. If you’re looking for more assurance in the final costs, our Fixed Cost Plus Selections model may be more suitable for your project.


At the core, MiNo Homes are luxury home builders. But we are also experienced finance professionals with a keen eye for budgeting and financing custom homes.

We are proud of the homes we create

And we want you to be proud too. The journey to creating your custom home should be inspiring and exciting. MiNo Homes collaborates with homeowners to design and build their dream home throughout and beyond Calgary. 

Have a dream?

We will turn it into a home.

If all you have is a vision, that’s enough to get started. Send us your dream for a free consultation. We will make sure now is the right time to turn your idea into a reality.