Our Process

MINO homes is not only dedicated to the process but passionate about it. We love seeing projects through from start to finish and want you to be excited about it too!

We are here to help your vision manifest into reality and will work alongside you each step of the way to ensure each detail is thoughtfully and carefully curated.

Allow our design and construction expertise to collaborate with your vision to create the best possible result.

The key to a quality home is having it built on a solid foundation and in this case, the foundation begins long before the build process.

Part of our process is getting to know you, the person or family that will be making this house a home. This ensures that each nail hammered, each tile laid, each paint stroke made is done with you and your family in mind.

When you partner with MINO Homes, you are partnering with quality, with care and with a unique and bespoke building experience.

Having our first home built was a very exciting and momentous time. We loved the architectural layout and open design. We felt very comfortable with the experienced staff at MINO Homes.

See the results for yourself

Explore our project gallery for the latest MINO results.



Give us a call and set up a time to come meet our team and tour one of our recent projects. Let us know what features you love and may want to incorporate in your home.

In this chapter we set the stage for the story. Do you have land or need land? Working alongside some of Calgary’s top real estate agents, we will source out the perfect footprint for your new home!

When you feel confident that MINO is able to bring your vision to life, a deposit will be taken and the details can begin.



Whether you have a designer/architect you are working with or opt to use our team, this chapter is all about the plot structure.

Bring your wish list to the table, allow our team to take your vision and incorporate it into a design that will not only be beautiful but functional and withstand the tests of time. Through communication and collaboration a design will be curated, prints will be made and a budget will be presented.




Now that permits have been approved and the City is on board with the story, it’s time for development!

We do love a good design but where we really thrive is bringing the design to life and watching it become something real! This is an exciting chapter for all of us; demolition (if required) takes place, the lot is prepped and your foundation is laid. From there, construction begins and our team fully mobilises on site. Our project team is there every step of the way ensuring budget and timelines are adhered to while maintaining quality workmanship. You will receive progress updates and be asked to join us on site periodically.



We did it! Your house is ready to become a home and waiting for you to fill the pages with memories to come!

Prior to you taking possession, we will complete a full walkthrough ensuring your complete satisfaction; introducing you to your home’s unique features and clearing up any outstanding items. Now, the home is yours but we are still with you! Our New Home Warranty program kicks in and we will be of service to you throughout your first year, completing a 3 month walkthrough and 1 year walkthrough.

Have a dream?

We will turn it into a home.

If all you have is a vision, that’s enough to get started. Send us your dream for a free consultation. We will make sure now is the right time to turn your idea into a reality.