Commitment to Quality

Quality at every step

At MINO Homes, quality is far more than just using the best materials and trusted craftsman. Quality service is ingrained into every step of the project – from planning to far beyond the possession date.



 A quality home is custom designed for the unique needs of your family. It will be the perfect place to eat, sleep, work, play and share time together. MINO Homes believes in a collaborative design process to create a layout that suits your family – today and well into the future.



 Of course, a quality home depends on the best materials and expert construction. We don’t take any shortcuts and rely on contractors who have demonstrated commitment, reliability and mastery of their craft.



Before you take possession of your home, we will walk through the entire property to ensure it matches your expectations. Your home will be perfected before you move in.


After you move in

We want you to be satisfied with your home far after you move in. MINO Homes has a comprehensive new home warranty and we are always a phone call away for anything else – from design advice to maintenance.



personal concierge

As you settle into your new home, we are here to help. If you are selecting new furniture, adding accessories or just need some tips on stocking your wine cellar – MINO Homes is your personal concierge. We take pride in seeing a space transform into a functional and elegant home.

On call support

We have helped many families prepare and move into their new homes. Rest assured that we are always just a single call away if you have any questions about your new home.

Connecting you to services

It can be time-consuming to settle into a new house, but we have connections to interior designers and other service providers to make the process as easy as possible.

protect your investment

We are proud of the homes we build. And we want you and your family to be proud of your home for many years.

MINO’s comprehensive new home warranty includes:

  • Structural defects (10 years)
  • Building envelope defects (5 years)
  • Labour and materials for delivery and distribution systems, including heating, electrical and plumbing (2 years)
  • Defects in materials and labour (2 years)

Our comprehensive new home warranty is backed by the Progressive New Home Warranty Program. MINO’s quality standards and process exceed the recommendations from the Alberta government for new home warranty, so you can be confident in both your home and your coverage.

Always focused on you

MINO Homes only works on a few projects at a time, so we can dedicate our time and focus to your home.

We are committed to quality by developing long-term relationships with homeowners.