Build on your own land

Build where you want

One of the first steps to creating a custom luxury home is finding the spot to build it. If you have a spot in mind or know what community in or around Calgary you want to live, we will help you go to the next step. 

Infill lot ready for an uplift?

Constructing a luxury home in infill lots requires care, precision and custom solutions. MINO Homes are experts are crafting houses that perfectly suit the lot, neighbourhood and homeowners. Don’t worry if you don’t already have an inner-city lot available – MINO Homes can help source the most ideal location.

The perfect fit in your dream community

MINO Homes has designed and constructed luxury homes in and beyond Calgary that are elegant, functional and fit perfectly into established communities. Our goal is to design and create homes that fit seamlessly into the style of the neighbourhood but look outstanding. 

Created for you and your property

Our houses are far from cookie cutter. MINO Homes creates custom designs that are specific to the size and layout of the lot. We maximize space so your home is liveable – both inside and out.

To us, vacant land is an empty canvas

An empty canvas is the beginning of a masterpiece. There are many opportunities in communities surrounding Calgary to transform empty land into a homes the matches your family’s goals. MINO Homes will never suggest a standard template – we will always take the opportunity to create the perfect home for you and your land.

We will find you land

MINO Homes has connections to lots in established and new communities in Calgary and the surrounding area. To find the canvas for your home, just send us a message with the community or type of lot you are looking for. And we will take it from there. 

Have a dream?

We will turn it into a home.

If all you have is a vision, that’s enough to get started. Send us your dream for a free consultation. We will make sure now is the right time to turn your idea into a reality.