Strategic finance solutions and advice

Make the most out of your investment. We are experts in building luxury houses and real estate finance for residential homes in the Calgary region. With MINO Homes, you can build the home you always imagined while building equity for your long-term goals. 

Custom financing arrangements

MINO has a team of real estate and mortgage experts to get the most out of your investment.

Build for under market value

Leverage our connections to create equity in your home before you move in.

Advice from real estate experts

Our specialty is transforming ideas into a plan for your home, budget and financial future.

Experts in real estate finance

We are Calgary’s leading team for designing, constructing and financing luxury homes that match both your budget and goals. 

Abbas Hamzeh has been a Calgary mortgage advisor for residential and commercial mortgages for over 10 years. As a custom home builder and mortgage professional, Abbas understands the intricacies of Calgary real estate. 

Learn more about Abbas’ mortgage solutions and advice.

Our comprehensive finance, design and construction services are unlike every other builder in the region. Here is our process to find the right financing solutions for you:

1. Share

The first step is learning about your goals – for your luxury home and financial future.

2. Budget

After we know your goals, we can create a budget that outlines all stages of home design and construction.

3. Create

We will create a custom financing arrangement while you begin imagining your future home.

Custom Financing for your Luxury Home

MINO Homes is a team of finance experts and luxury home builders. We can create for you a financial plan so you can begin building your Calgary luxury home.

Let us share with you

Every Calgarian deserves to live in their dream home. Join us at our next home building seminar to learn about the strategies to maximize your investment.


Upcoming Seminars

How to build a Calgary luxury home

Date: TBA

What is required to build a custom home in the Calgary area? MINO Homes shares the process to finance, design and build a luxury home, with a focus on creating equity in your property even before you take possession. Our next seminar date is TBA, but if you’re interested please send us a message and you’ll be the first to hear the next date.

A budget with choice

MINO Homes uses a unique approach to budget your project to balance fixed costs with choice.

Have a dream?

We will turn it into a home.

If all you have is a vision, that’s enough to get started. Send us your dream for a free consultation. We will discuss the steps to financing, designing and building a luxury home in Calgary and the surrounding area.